Deb's Balloons grew out of a passion for celebrating.  Whether it was for school, family, Scouts, or friends, I have always loved to help organize, plan, and create events.  I can't ever remember not having a helium tank available to me so I could make balloon bouquets.

Over the last four years, the helium shortage has forced balloon decorators to expand our design concepts, and airfilled decor is now a major part of our offerings. Airfilled balloons are no longer just for twisting and making animals or hats - they are part of our standard offering for any event or occasion. Air-filled columns, topiaries, arches and tabletop decor can be created for any theme, and in almost any color scheme. And we can absolutely do helium bouquets as long as our tanks are full!

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My goal is to deliver happiness.


We have been creating balloon decor for over five years.  We can deliver one bouquet or a hundred; do all the designing or match something you have found. Give us a call!


Latex balloons are.made from 100 percent organic material and are 100 percent biodegradable. We will never provide mylar balloons for a balloon release.

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Deborah, I just went to your website and saw the graduation bouquet you made for is fabulous, and just the splash I wanted to make!!

Thank you for your incredible service, courtesy and attention to detail.  I will be sure to remember Deb's Balloons for future celebrations!!

Best regards, Denise

Deb's Balloons participates and supports non-profit organizations in Solano County.  Call to see how we can help decorate for your next event. .